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PLAN Strategic Action The mission of Tamil Hindu Group is to: identify, plan and execute Karthik and Tamil festival activities of the Temple; preserve traditional values of Karthik devotion, Tamil Hindu Festivals  and promote mutual respect and understanding of different values, traditions and beliefs of diversified Tamil community. We will accomplish this by aligning our goals with HSM's mandate, recognizing the Temple facilities support co-existence of many different Hindu traditions and practice. Group
  Promote Karthik devotional activities and  traditions while maintaining the unity of THG Create an environment that’s conducive to devotional activities 1) Implement a code of conduct for committee members  
2) Establish process for devotional activities  
3) Promote open communication  
4) Involve devotees in decision making process ( find ways )  
5) Encourage participation and reach out to all ( create a good reason )  
6) Implement a process to address grievance  
7) Develop role and responsibilities for committee  
8) Develop process to capture lessons learned  
9) Create means to seek feed back and fix issues  
Implement process for pooja activities 1) Develop a pooja schedule for at least three months in advance  
2) Assign responsibilities for activities  
3) Develop a template for special poojas / festivals  
4) Maintain a list of Karthikai pooja sponsor list  
5) Develop process to handle poojas when the facilities are not  
available or need to be sheared  
Develop means to transfer knowledge 1) Involve all devotees with people with knowledge  
2) Develop plan to involve youth  
4) Train volunteers  
5) Implement robust process that’s repeatable   
6) List all potential exception and how to handle them (add unforeseen ones to the list as they happen)  
7) Develop a list of Abisekam essentials.  
Promote and celebrate Tamil Hindu Festivals Establish Devotional activity appropriate for festivals 1)Establish the specific pooja activities and follow established process.  
2) Develop a exception list activities for the events  
Establish standard plan for Festival activities 1) Plan appropriate festival content ( Music, dance, drama etc.. )   
2) Establish process for participation  
3) Develop process to include non Hindus ( i.e. after poojas )  
Support Fund Raising activities of Temple Support HSM's fund raising activities 1) Volunteer for HSM Fund raising activity  
2. Participate in HSM fund raising projects  
Develop THG fund raising activities to support HSM 1) Develop THG plan for fund raising  
2) Determine charges for poojas  
3) Develop Funding plan to conduct festivals  
Evaluation of performance
Traffic Light Report  
Green Items   10 points
Amber Items   5 points
Red Items   0 points
Maximum points available 31 Action Items 310
Green Items 21 Action Items 210
Amber Items 7   Action Items 35
Red Items 3   Action Items 0
Total points received 245
Performance Grade 79%
This is not a scientific way of measuring performance. However provides a subjective look at what happened  in the past year and
promotes a culture of critical self evaluation which helps improve future performance goals.