For life of mankind upon Earth, Enlightenment of intellect and divine Grace are essential. In order to disengage Lord Muruga from his yogic state of Supreme Oneness in Truth-Consciousness-Bliss, and engage him, for the sake of the highest welfare of the universe, as the quintessence Divine Love, we worship the wedding scene by personifying his godly powers Infinite Grace as the Goddess Daivayanai, and Supreme Enlightenment as the Goddess Valli. This wedding celebration is called ‘Murugan-Daivayanai-Valli Tirukkalyanam.’

God’s grace nurtures goodness and godly people by subduing evil and evildoers. On the sixth day after the New Moon that comes close to the celebration of the Dipavali Festival, Lord Muruga vanquished the demon Surapadman and his evil army of demons. This is celebrated as the ‘Kanda Shashti.’ This is the inner meaning of Lord Muruga ‘marrying’ Daivayanai who personifies divine Grace.

True knowledge is to know the Lord. Whatever worldly activities, one is engaged in, dedicating all efforts to the divine, and constantly remembering God is Supreme Knowledge. The Lord is moved by such a devotee, and will present himself, acknowledge, and accept that person. This is the inner meaning of Lord Muruga coming personally in search of Vallidevi who personifies Supreme Knowledge, and who is deeply in love with the Lord, and ‘marrying’ her.

The poem ‘Kanda Puranam’ expounds beautifully these supreme values in the style of a great epic.

For those that delight by commemorating, and participating wholeheartedly with unity and sincerity in, this ‘Tirukkalyana’ festival of Murugan-Valli-Daivayani, there will always be, doubtless, boundless blessings from the Lord, Muruga, of Valli and Daivayanai.

Om Sarvana Bhavaya Namaha

R. Venkataraman