Name: Tamil Hindu Group
The mission: Identify, plan and execute Karthik and Tamil festival activities of the Temple;
preserve traditional values of Karthik devotion, Tamil Hindu Festivals and promote mutual respect
and understanding of different values, traditions and beliefs of diversified Tamil community. We
will accomplish this by aligning our goals with HSM's mandate, recognizing the Temple facilities
support co-existence of many different Hindu traditions and practice.
Current by Laws:
Approved at the Annual General Meeting of the Tamil Hindu Group (THG), JULY 06, 2007
 Adopted later
The number of members to the executive committee shall be seven.
The seven members of this committee shall consists of up to two representatives from Tamil
Cultural Society of Manitoba (TCSM) along with up to two representatives from Hindu
Society of Manitoba (HSM) and Three members shall be elected from among Tamil Hindus at
the Annual General Meeting.
After the election and these appointments from TCSM and HSM, if there are not seven
committee members any member can be added to the THG committee to make the total seven
members by the THG committee.
This committee can elect the chairperson, vice chair and a secretary. The chairperson shall be a
member of HSM and TCSM in good standing.
For efficient working of the committee and credibility and for democratic principle, the
following guidelines shall be adopted by the members.
1) Quorum for the executive meeting shall be three
2) Decision shall be taken on a majority vote.
3) Notice of the General meeting shall be given before 14-days.
4) 7 day notice for the THG committee meetings
5) Any dispute that cannot be resolved by the committee shall be referred to the members by
calling a meeting.
6) An executive decision shall be legal if all members of the committee have signed the motion
proposed and seconded by any members of the committee without calling for a meeting.
7) President of HSM and TCSM can attend the meetings and participate in the discussions but
they cannot vote in any resolution/motions.
7).THG committee can organize yearly fundraising projects for HSM for temple operations.
8). the minutes of the THG meeting are to be circulated to HSM and TCSM.
9).The temple is owned and operated by HSM, so we agree that they have the final say on any
of THG activities.
*10). Operational needs Robert rules and order can use as a reference materials.

Under Construction


Past Chair

Dr. A. T. Balachandra – Founding Chair, Mr. Jay Jeyanthan – Co- Founder, Mr. R. Kamaleswaran, Dr. Srisala Sri Ranjan, Dr. K. Loganathan, Dr. S. Saran

Past Board Members:

Mrs. Anusha Karthigesu, Mrs. Premini Ismath, Mrs. Rany Jeyaratnam, Mr. S. Thevarajan, Mrs. Bobby Kamaleswaran, Mr. Ravee Navaretnam, Mrs. Thanga Jeyanthan, Mrs. Sureka Shankaran, Dr. Vadivambal Natrajan Thiagarajan, Dr. Thavaneswaran, Dr. Thananjeyan

The Hindu Society of Manitoba (HSM) approached Dr. A. T Balachandra, the President of the Tamil Cultural Society of Manitoba (TSCM) at the time, to seek assistance from the Tamil Community with the building of their new temple. He along with two other TCSM Board Members, Dr. T. Nitheanandan and Mr. Jay Jeyanthan, met with HSM to discuss how the Tamil Community can become more involved with this project.

Dr. & Mrs. Thavaneswaran, Mr. R. Kamaleswaran, Mrs. Koshela Sivananthan, Mrs. Anusha Karthigesu, along with a few others from our community worked together in the development of our temple.

Dr. & Mrs. Thavaneswaran were instrumental in bringing moorthies, Lord Murugan and Valli and Deivanai from Jaffna, Sri Lanka. 

Dr. A. T. Balachandra’s contributions towards this project were greatly appreciated by the Hindu Society of Manitoba that the temple Board Room was named after him.

Winnipeg Murugan Website, originally was created by Mr. Thayalan Karthikesu.

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Tel: 204 256 0637,
09.00 am – 04:30 pm Monday through Friday

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